Fully Guilded

It’s 2018 and though we’re almost into February the year still feels like an unused flash card ripe for some amazing imagery hot off the creative press. In the spirit of new beginnings I bit the bullet and became fully guilded three weeks ago. While I’d been an AWG (Writers Guild) member previously I had let it slip a few years and even longer ago I was an ADG (Directors Guild) member and so that too was brought up to date and for my trouble I won a double pass to Swingin’ Safari – not the seminal album of yesteryear by the great Bert Kaempfert of which I already own a copy…

but the new Australian feature from Stephan Elliott of Priscilla fame. I’m yet to receive the tickets in the post but will check back once I have and post a short review following the screening.

The final spoke in the wheel was rejoining the AFI (Australian Film Institute) after an absence of over 20 years – my God! I tried to log straight into the AACTA TV portal but found it empty – content-wise. I’ve been after a heads up ever since as to when there’ll be something to watch like the odd masterclass or pre-release new Aussie film but to no avail. It’s like there’s no one on the end of the line… hello? It’s me. Is there anyone there?

While I wait for that eventuality here’s to Lindy Hoppin’ into 2018 on a dance move and not a vine. This is my War Correspondent on a night out in ’45 look from a few years ago that I’ve dubbed, “The War Years”. Hope 2018 truly is a fully gilded (and in gold this time)  lime green great year.

Gilda goes to town

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