Mobile Mayhem

The company car is finally here. A little red roadster with Torrid’s trademark red and black colours has driven into my life and is champing at the bit to set the tone and the road for the rest of the year.

Word on the wind is it’s going to be a twisty, turny, wild ride through new projects, progressed projects, new jobs, new clients and collaborators as well as old ones and of course and fairly probably, a good share of red tape. Not to forget the web side of things. The TF site is due for a shake up and a new make-up once the path is crystal clear on a new direction in all things made of html and hot air.

So strap yourselves in, take the handbrake off, put it in first, rev it silly and let’s GO!

Cockpit Crew – photo by Lise Buckeridge

The Torrid Times is published more often than not and at irregular intervals so stay tuned..

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Torrid Films is a Sydney-based production company with a cinematic vision and a humorous edge.

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